2012 London


Hey Jude is one of those songs. It is a classic. It is long song at 7 minutes, 11 seconds. THE ultimate karaoke song. Many consider it to be the Beatles #1 song. It has been chosen to close the London 2012 opening ceremonies tonight, performed live by Sir Paul McCartney. 44 years after its release, it has been selected to help open these games, uplift participating nations (and the world watching) and inspire 15,000 athletes. Now, that is a song with staying power. Sir Paul should be proud of his beautiful song. I will most likely weep and weep and weep as this song reminds me of Judah. I’m sure people will be inspired and infused with energy. I will be emotional and drained when again I am reminded at who is gone and missing. What a sweet and special boy. I love you my Judah. The world would be much nicer and beautiful if you had been in it longer.

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