Nightmares and Dreams

Nightmares…. So, my 2nd worst nightmare has come true. Judah is dead. That was scenario #1. Done and done. 2nd worst…forgetting. No one talks about him. We don’t have many pictures up. His room is gone. His things are in boxes in closets. It’s such a clean break. He was here and now he’s not.Continue reading “Nightmares and Dreams”

Reflections, 1994

Forgive me, this is rambling and doesn’t make sense. Much like me, in person.¬† ūüôā 1994.¬† That was the year Kurt Cobain died. OJ was in the White Bronco.¬†Genocide in Rwanda. Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie??¬†¬†It was a big year, now that I am reflecting upon it.¬† I graduated highContinue reading “Reflections, 1994”

How it began … Judah. and our parenthood.

At nine days of life, Judah showed signs of struggle.¬† He would not feed and spent¬†all day sleeping.¬† Sufficiently concerned, I called the pediatrician’s office to voice concerns.¬† Maya had been 6 weeks premature, and only weighing in at 3 pounds at birth.¬†¬†I had been vigilant ever since and with¬†each of the children.¬† Judah wasContinue reading “How it began … Judah. and our parenthood.”


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